Monday, April 18, 2005

Trying to outdo the late Chairman Mao along the Bund in Shanghai, China.

Those among us fortunate to travel abroad, even for business, tend to seek out some historical or culturally-significant landmark for a photo-op, so that we can boast to others and say, "I was there!" These photo sites or backdrops may range from the typically mundane and routine scenery. For some reason, a shot of the subject in full winter regalia frolicking in a snowy area is a perennial favorite. Most people also choose those famous tourist spots like amusement and national parks (Don't we ever tire of seeing Disneyland, Universal Studios and some archaic cable car struggling up a hilly road in our relatives' photo albums?). Me, I go for locations that are more arcane or esoteric (and I don't mean exotic). Now, since I couldn't find any secret tombs, catacombs or hanging gardens in Shanghai, China, I just had to settle for a power pose with the late Chairman Mao Zedong along the historic Bund in my Fall "Private Eye" Wardrobe. One can almost imagine me doing a voice-over sounding like Philip Marlowe or Mike Hammer saying, "It was raining in the city by the Bund. I just finished another tough case ..."
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