Monday, April 18, 2005

Smart Casual, Or Dumb Formal? Again, You Decide!

A lot of people often call my attention on my being too stiff and formal. Well, here's my attempt at "Smart Casual," which to many comes across as being more of "Dumb Formal." If the other photo (where I'm wearing a suit) is used to land DOM or senior citizen roles on TV, the picture above tries to prove that I can also portray a younger executive.

Such was the case when I simultaneously bagged two Christmas TV Commercial roles in 2003. The first one was the Meralco Public Service Announcement, where I played the lead character who was so obsessed with the multitude of Christmas lights he weaved in and around his house, causing his friend or neighbor to tempt him to use a "jumper" to save on electric costs. With all angelic innocence, my goody-two-shoes character picks-up a doll of the Baby Jesus, sets it on the larger-than-life Manger and tells off the demonic friend to be ashamed of himself before the Lord.

The other was the Jollibee Yuletide Ad where I played one of the younger sons-in-law of the lead "Lola" or Grandma character during a family reunion event. My appearance there was somewhat forgettable, except for the 1960s-type/RJ Rock-and-Roll Polo Shirt they made me wear for the shoot. That was what many viewers remembered. How's that for being stiff!
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