Monday, April 18, 2005

PR Executive, Or Just A Ham Actor? You Decide!

Here's the infamous official showbiz portrait. Not many of you know this, but I did dabble in TV acting for a few years, specifically in nighttime soap operas (or as we now call them here in the Philippines, telenovelas. Not to worry, this hasn't gone to my head (at least as far as I can tell). I mean I'm not even a supporting actor, just an overrated or glamorized "extra." It did feel good for a time when I had recurring roles in two ABS-CBN programs. First, I played "Dirty Young" Congressman Mar (What a coincidence!) Carranzo in Robin & Juday's "Basta't Kasama Kita" as an aging Lothario opposite the character of the highly-talented Liza ("Ako ang iyong konsiyensiya") Ranillo. This was followed by an amusing turn as Piolo Pascual's slimy lawyer (I can't even remember the name of my Atty. No-Case Character) in "Mangarap Ka."

Previously, I also got to play a stiff-assed judge in a continuing role in GMA's "Narito Ang Puso Ko." What a trip - imagine me demanding "order in the court" from noted stars Dina Bonnevie, Raymond Bagatsing and Carmina Villaroel. Earlier on, I gave people I know goose bumps during prime time, as I bounced from station to station and from show to show, playing everything from laconic NBI/CIDG agents, to self-engrossed business executives, to wimpy bankers.

Finally, did anyone get to watch Jolina Magdangal's movie "Annie B." (the remake of the 70s Film "Annie Batungbacal") last year? Up to now I still get calls and messages from friends and relatives asking if I was in that movie. With a heavy sigh, I have to say yes. It was a very brief appearance as the Chairman of the client company. In the movie, all I did was stoically view the presentation of Ronaldo Valdez' ad agency, while looking stern and indifferent. I then suddenly grin like a Cheshire Cat, give a "thumbs up" and ridiculously exclaim, "APRUB!" (read, Approved) You can now watch this on DVD and play this inane scene backwards and forwards at multiple speeds. Enjoy!
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